Family work


Pottery is our family trade!

This story began with ceramics sculptor Chris Bramble becoming a father. Chris has been making ceramic art for over 30 years, also teaching in schools and colleges. Chris has twin daughters called Freya and Yolande who both grew up with clay at their fingertips, always helping out although originally taking their father's craft for granted, they are now both part of a growing pottery business. Freya is a fine artist who wants to get everybody involved. She started teaching children during her studies in Fine art and everything began to grow from there. Yolande is a theatre practitioner specialising in participatory theatre and sensory based arts. We also have Michael, our technician and a group of helpers that we teach in exchange for helping us out with all the daily chores.


We make a great team!  Together we love to make art with people of all ages. We love it because it teaches us about life and allows us to offer a bespoke pottery service, that is both small and intimate, with a style that is unique to us. We have found ways to quickly relate a beginners hand to clay for the first time and an affinity in pushing experienced potters to the next level of their learning.


Our craft is rich in tradition and skill for continuous learning, as well as indulging therapeutically in touching and playing with clay. We travel around London, teaching in schools, community centres, and public events, as well as in our private studio at Kingsgate workshops.